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How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

This article is meant for people who are experiencing the Windows Update Error 80070103.

As this error is quite serious, you should take action immediately to fix it. This article will describe how to fix the error and what the consequences might be if you don’t fix it!

If your PC crashes while this error is being displayed, you may lose everything on your PC.

What is the Windows Update Error 80070103?

In the past, Microsoft Windows updates were a simple process. It was easy to fix them with a push of a button and move on to the next update. However, this is not the case anymore. If you have tried to update your Windows OS or install an app but it failed with errors related to a Windows Update Error 80070103, you are not alone.

The error code occurs when there is an update that can’t be installed because it requires online files that aren’t available in your location.

This error is usually caused when there is no internet connection when the updates try to download all their required files. This can be fixed by turning on your PC’s internet connection and then launching the update again from where it stopped in order for the system to download its files properly and successfully install them.

What are the Reasons for this Error & How to fix it manually?

There are various reasons for this error, but it can be fixed manually.

One of the most common causes is that the device’s drivers are not up-to-date and there’s a lack of communication and synchronization with the PC.

The second most common cause is that Windows Update was turned off at some point in time during the update process.

Auto Fix Windows Upate in Windows 10 with 4 Different Methods

Updating Windows 10 is easy but it can still fail to update without any reason. There are 4 different ways you can use to fix the problem.

One of the ways to fix windows update failure in 10 build 10240 is contacting Microsoft directly for help. This method isn’t always successful but it’s worth a try. The other 3 methods include auto troubleshooting windows update error in 10, how to fix internet connection i and disable automatic updates on windows settings.

If you’re struggling with the same issue, I recommend that you use any one of these methods because they all have their advantages and disadvantages which you should be aware of before using them.

How to Auto Fix Windows Update in the Command Line with SFC Scanner & PowerShell Task Scheduler Commands

Sometimes, it is not possible to fix windows update issue in the command line tools. For such issues, we need to use a third party tool like SFC Scanner and PowerShell Task Scheduler Commands to auto troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Some common symptoms of Windows update issue include:

Update can’t be installed, update failed with error code 80240020 or 80240021, update installation stopped working after reboot, missing updates after repair installation.


How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103
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